Our promise

to advertisers

“Our promise of quality to advertisers” sets out the standards we will
live up to when trading with advertisers and media buyers.

The promise underlines that when choosing us as an advertising partner,
quality of delivery is ensured while the risk of choice of media is reduced.

We present edited media to our users as well as to our advertisers.
This guarantee is valid for titles published by JP/Politikens Hus (,
including Ekstra Bladet, Politiken, Jyllands-Posten, Finans and Politikens Lokalaviser.

With this promise, we want to emphasize the transparency and openness that we have always
regarded as a prerequisite for a close and trustworthy relationship

between us and advertisers and media agencies.



All content is approved by professionals, and our sites are brand safe environments


Time is a prerequisite for advertising effect – you can buy Guaranteed Time with our users


It is real, human users that are exposed to ads on our sites


High quality data – full disclosure and full user information


We use accredited 3rd party technology providers for measurement and verification. There are no hidden tech fees


All content is approved by professionals, and our sites are brand safe environments

The Group’s sites are brand safe environments of the highest caliber. We present edited advertising environments to our advertisers. Every piece of content in our titles has been approved by our employees, meaning that there is human control of all the content on our platforms. It is not left to robots. In addition, content on our sites lives up to the high standards as we as a Danish publisher, are subject to the Media Liability Act1. At the same time, all titles under JP/Politikens Hus follow the press ethical rules for good press coverage2.

When we use video content from potentially unsafe environments, such as social media, the content will be evaluated by a journalist before being published.

There are areas and sections where regular advertising as a basic rule has been turned off, so only advertisers with specific demand will be offered advertising on those sections.

We monitor campaigns every day including weekends – with a specific focus on inappropriate advertising context.

1 Media Liability Act (Medieansvarsloven):

2 Press ethical rules for good press coverage:


Time is a prerequisite for advertising effect – you can buy Guaranteed Time with our users

Time spent on an ad is crucial to the effect of the specific impression. Therefore, JP/Politikens Hus offers Guaranteed Time, which is 100 per cent viewable campaigns based on engaged time or time intervals. Guaranteed Time is delivered via Webspectator – an ad server, which is MRC-accredited3 for time based advertising.

Standards for viewability are a great step towards measuring what really matters to a campaign’s effectiveness, namely, whether our users spend time with the ad. We can, of course, work with all levels of viewability – from IAB’s minimum standards to 100 per cent viewability in desired time intervals.

When doing deals that include viewability, the following definitions from IAB will be the minimum starting point:

  •  Ad formats under 242,500 pixels: minimum 50% must be visible for at least 1 second
  •  Ad formats over 242,500 pixels: minimum 30% must be visible for at least 1 second
  • Video Advertising: Minimum 50% must be visible in 2-second continuous settlement

We use Moat (MRC accredited3 technology) to document and optimize viewability and time.

3 Media Rating Council (MRC) is an American Auditing Unit whose purpose is to secure, within the media industry, valid, stable and effective cross-media audits through auditing of surveyors.


Measured on time, JP/Politikens Hus’ titles account for more than half of Denmark’s online news usage on Danish commercial news sites.

Users spend so much time with us because we provide relevant content to them. Thus, it is engaged and attentive users who are exposed to ads on our sites.

We continuously check our sites for non-human traffic and immediately exclude such traffic from our platforms the rare times we encounter it.

We ensure control of the marketing of our inventory by making it available in programmatic channels only through selected ad exchanges. Advertisers can at any time, upon request, find out which ad exchanges our inventory is available on. Contact us at

If you buy campaign on the JP/Politikens Hus sites via channels other than those listed, JP/Politikens Hus cannot guarantee the quality and accuracy of this traffic and there is a high risk that the source is fake.

We do not offer massive discounts on our programmatic inventory. If you meet our brands in the open programmatic market at prices significantly lower than our open price lists, you should be sceptical – there is a high risk of fraud.


1. party data: High quality data – full disclosure and full user information

In an advertising market that is increasingly characterized by the use of data, it is important that advertisers demand transparency, validity and quality of data. The market is flooded by large amounts of non-unique 3rd party data with low transparency and fluctuating quality. Using such data, may mean that poor precision is purchased at high costs or that data ultimately violates data protection rules.

Our premium audiences are based solely on our own 1st party data.

Our data can be combined with validated data from reputable 3rd party suppliers. When we use behavioral data or 3rd party data, we communicate this clearly.

We offer full transparency to our advertisers and commercial partners on how we build digital audiences based on data. We use BlueKai from Oracle as our data management platform (DMP).

The experience our users and readers get through our titles is the foundation of our business. We take care of the trust our users and readers put in us. Therefore, we have set a clear framework for how we ensure data protection and transparency about data collection.

We have comprehensive privacy policies4 and consent texts to ensure that our users are always fully informed about what data is collected about them, what this data is used for and by whom. Thus, we also include data processing and data sharing agreements with anyone who collects data through our sites so that they undertake to provide us with information about what they do with data, so we can inform our users about it.

4 Privacy policy: http


We use accredited 3rd party technology providers for measurement and verification. There are no hidden tech fees

We make complete campaign reports available to our advertisers. These are provided by our ad server, AOL/Adtech or Webspectator, and may be supplemented by audience reports if desired.

All digital campaign metrics are verified by accredited 3rd party technology providers. Viewability and non-human traffic are measured by Moat, time-based advertising is measured and delivered via Webspectator, and impressions are measured primarily in AOL/Adtech. Click rates are measured by the ad server used for campaign delivery.

We do not charge hidden tech fees for the advertising technologies we use to sell and deliver advertising on the Group’s sites.

Advertisers pay exclusively for the actual ad impressions delivered on campaigns delivered by JP/Politikens Hus. AOL/Adtech – one of the world’s leading ad serving technologies – makes sure of that. We use this platform to ensure the best delivery of banner campaigns. AOL/Adtech is subject to strict audits, which ensure validity in the delivery. If a user has an ad blocker installed, the ad server will not be loaded when the page loads, so no ads will be delivered to the user, and without delivery of ads, impressions cannot be counted in campaign statistics.

As an advertising buyer, you can be sure that you only pay for the impressions you actually receive.

Upon completion of campaigns purchased on the basis of a time interval – eg. 24 hours – pricing equals the number of ad impressions you as an advertiser can expect to be delivered within the time period.

We want to deliver the highest quality in every impression and we want to document the value of impressions on our media. Thus, we are always interested in contributing to the measuring campaign effect.

Updated on May 24, 2017

Technology and suppliers can vary over time. Contact us at for updated lists of partners and suppliers.